Weekend Feature: Erotica

Warning: This post is erotic in nature. If that's offensive, please accept my apologies.  I am sex positive, and find good erotica a joy to read. It also deals in light BDSM and sensory deprivation.

I wrote this some time ago, and recently got brave enough to send it into an erotica website (Oysters & Chocolate). They were supposed to get back to me whether they were posting it or not. The wait time is "as long as 12 weeks"... and that time has passed. Therefore, I'll share it with you all instead. It was a joy to write. I enjoyed exploring a situation that would be terrifying, or at the least discomforting, in reality. Just remember, keep it safe, sane and enthusiastically consensual! :)

The Strangest Dream
I just woke up from the strangest dream. I am sure it was a dream; after all, I’m lying here, and can feel just my boyfriend lying next to me. It should be a dream, I can’t see why anything like that would every really happen. I sit here, in the dark with only the light of the computer monitor, and with still shaking hands and watery legs. I hope it really was a dream; otherwise, some one has a lot of explaining to do when he wakes up.

I should start at the beginning, I think, so that I can remember it in detail. I woke up in my dream, and it was very dark, I thought, that I must be dreaming that I cannot open my eyes; that happens to me sometimes. I tried to stretch my arms away from my head, and found that they wouldn’t move, I felt gingerly about with my fingers and found thick silk cords around my wrists, and then followed the knot to the headboard. Strange and stranger, I thought. Well, I am dreaming, I thought, and I do have lucid dreams, so I will ride this one out, and see where it takes me.

I shifted, or at least tried to shift more, and found my legs were also tied down, close enough together that I could touch my knees together if I strained, and barely, almost inaudibly could I hear a voice, no two voices, maybe. They were whispering to one another, and I caught little snatches of what they said…. How long before she wakes up..... she is going to kill us you know…..where did you……I can’t…… Well what d’you expect me…. I grew more and more confused.

Now I knew I wasn’t dreaming I couldn’t open my eyes, I was dreaming I was blindfolded. Well, no one was rifling through things, so I must not be dreaming I am being robbed; and I was dressed, in the tank top and yoga pants I went to bed in, I could feel them. What is this anyway, I thought. Just then I heard a man whisper in my ear, and it was my boyfriend’s voice, “Shhhh we know you’re awake, just relax. Everything is okay.”

I heard another voice telling me to relax; it was my lover. She and I had been together for a long time, nearly 5 years and I loved her dearly. My boyfriend and I are the best of friends, but he had never joined us in bed; neither had her husband, when she and I went to bed it was as a joyful union of two. I heard movement, and instinctively moved my head toward the sound; then I felt her mouth on mine… as she kissed me I melted. She has the most perfect mouth; her tongue is always just in the right place, she always sucked just right on my tongue and nibbles my lower lip in a way that makes me almost orgasm thinking about. She kissed me breathless. Then she kissed me some more. I could feel her small hands gently touching my face and throat, caressing my shoulders and up my arms. She whispered softly against my lips, as she kissed me I could feel rather than hear her words. They comforted me in this strange situation. And I began to relax. Sometimes she did strange things like this, and I knew she would not hurt me, or ever place me into danger. She kissed my face, around the silken blindfold, and nibbled my ears and lips tenderly and teasingly at the same time.

I heard movement near my feet and tried to turn to better hear it, but she help my face fast, “No, love, pay attention to me,” she said. She lifted my tank top over my head and I could feel it up near my hands. She tucked it into the cords, I think, because it didn’t fall down again, and then began to lick and kiss my collarbone, and down my cleavage. Little kisses and little breaths, slowly down and around my breasts, but never over them, and she pointedly ignored my nipples. I was whimpering with desire, with need for her to do more than tease me. She shushed me, and nibbled lower to my navel. I felt my yoga pants be untied, and slid slowly down my legs, “No panties I see,” she laughed in her rich voice. It was while my pants were being slid down that I realised that more than one pair of hands was there, again I heard voices, and this time I felt the hands that were attached to those voices.

Over every inch of exposed skin I felt hands. Massaging my muscles and it felt like kneading the knots out of my legs and arms. It felt so good I thought I would just faint right there. Then I heard some kind of shaking, it was unnerving to hear so well, and see nothing.

The next thing I knew I felt a cold wet sensation on my nipples, it took me a minute to realise they were ice cubes, slowly melting on my skin, and circling my breasts, down over my stomach and over my clit. I tried to close my legs but they were tied to too tight for that. The ice cube was so cold and so erotic, delicious shivers followed the wet trail and I felt goose bumps rise on my skin. I was dangerously close to being “bliss-ed out”; this was sensory deprivation at its finest, I think. I could still hear, so I did not feel locked up, but not being able to touch, taste or see made me focus on what I could do, and that was feel and listen. My mind was so concentrated on the cold on my skin that I did not realise that there was a tongue lightly flicking my clit. So lightly that if I had not moved a little I don’t know when I would have noticed it. Slow, light little flicks.

I knew that tongue, and it wasn’t my lover’s, it was my boyfriend’s. He knew just how to do that to make me cry, but it was so good, that I didn’t want him to stop. So I lay very still and concentrated on the tiny little flicks, the little licks and the nibbles that he was inflicting upon my swollen and sensitive clit. He tickled my knees and slowly rubbed my ass while nibbling around my hood ring.

Just before I was ready to climax he stopped. I lay there, starting to sweat, and breathing hard; I could feel him breathing close to my knee. He shifted and I didn’t feel him breathing any longer, but I did feel his cock, slowly teasing around my clit, up and down sometimes barely touching my skin and sometimes dragging it over my clit almost as hard as a finger would be.

The teasing was quickly becoming unbearable, when suddenly just as my boyfriend slide all the way in, I felt her mouth on my nipple and her fingers on the other. Biting and sucking, along with my boyfriend fucking me silly! Her fingers grabbed my clit and her teeth grated on my hard nipples, one and then the other. So close I could almost taste it, I could feel my skin flush, I was started to sweat a little, the warmth under my navel, and they stopped. Just stopped.

I felt tears of frustration pricking my eyes. I whimpered, I begged I pleaded, “Please, fuck me, please! Please!” Over and over, I felt the words run together, I was so wet I could feel it running down my ass, I was so close that I felt like I was hanging on my by fingernails I begged for release, I would do anything, anything at all, just fuck me please.

I was silenced when she sat on my face, I felt her legs on either side of my arms, she was crouching over my face, and I was thrilled to be something, anything to not have to think about the frustration they were dishing out to me. I put out my tongue, and licked her already wet pussy, wet, hot and perfect. I lived to eat her most days, and she was always so responsive, she was a screamer, and I loved it when she came all over me, it usually made me want her more, knowing that I could do that to her, and that she enjoyed it so much.

She wiggled her legs through my arms so she could sit on me better, and soon she was wiggling and moaning, with her fingers wrapped in my hair. I moaned into her as my boyfriend slowly started to tongue fuck me. Slowly, with this amazing tongue of his, and ever so thoroughly, I was finally allowed to come, repeatedly and without any breathes in between. I felt the gush, the heat, and soon I felt my lovers body stiffen as she ground her own sopping wet and dripping pussy into my face, she came hard and long, and I loved every second of it.

She slowly moved off of me and then leaned down to kiss me fully on the lips. “Let me take care of that for you,” she said. I could feel her washing my face and throat clean and then patting me dry.

I was still suffering, though, because I was still wound tight, and desperately wanted to be fucked. I needed to be fucked, and so I started pleading again, begging whispering and crying, please, please please, please, pleasepleaseplease….. I begged for a century, millennia rolled by and then I felt his hands touching my clit, and slowly he began to finger fuck me, “Like that?” she asked. No nonononon, not that. I shook my head and let the words run together.

She whispered in my ear, told me to tell her what I wanted, so I told her to fuck me, make him fuck me, turn me inside out, please, don’t leave me like this, I’m hanging here, anything but please fuck me.

I know her, and I know she orchestrated this whole thing, so I knew when I begged her, what I had to say and how I had to say it, I could feel her smile in my ear, and nod. Then I almost hit my head on the head board, he slid in so hard and so fast that I gasped and wanted to badly to wrap my legs around him, to hold him inside me forever. I couldn’t help it, I felt the moan rip from my throat as I got close and close to my largest orgasm, he started to breathe harder and I could feel the sweat from his stomach as it met mine. I don’t know if it was my orgasm that set off his, or the other way around, but we came at nearly the same time, and he collapsed on to my chest and belly, kissing my stomach and breathing heavily.

I love you,” he said to me, and I could hear it echo in my voice to him, and she kissed me softly. They cleaned me up and dressed me, and then carefully untied my hands and feet. When I has untied, they told me to leave the blind fold on, and then tucked me in so I could go to sleep. He snuggled down next to me, and soon I was asleep.

And then, I woke up, at least I think I woke up the first time, and so now I sit here, typing this with trembling hands and knees that won’t stop knocking together…. I am pretty sure it was a dream, well, sorta, I think. …..

There is a blindfold in my bed, oh, have those two got some explaining to do in the morning….


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