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Yesterday, I marched with you in my heart

Yesterday, January 21, 2017, I walked with 15,000 Tucson residents and visitors; I marched for Women, for Immigrants, for Religious Minorities, for  Persons of Colour, and everyone else who stands in solidarity and is working for equality.

I didn't watch the Inauguration-- the first one I've missed watching on television in my adult life. I couldn't say good bye to Mr Barack Obama and his lovely life-partner, Michelle Obama, and say hello to Donald Trump and Melania. I couldn't watch, I couldn't listen to the speeches, see the sad parade, or listen to the few "F" listed bands and musical acts that were convinced to participate in the event that day, or the night before.

Rather, I prepared myself for the Women's March, on Sunday.

I marched in the windy streets of downtown Tucson, expecting rain. I knew my sisters marched in snow, rain, flooding and cold, across the United States, and (as I later learned) in many, many countries across the world! We car…

Open Letter to the Baby Feminists out there:

I have been working on this one for a little while; it's been sitting as a draft for I don't know how long, and I refuse to look at the date on my Word doc to know for sure. It has been hard to write lately, as I see so much ugliness following the Presidential election. I've been assessing my life, making sure my voice is heard even louder than before and making certain that my sisters and brothers out there know I stand with them, and will Resist the coming administration, and any unconstitutional laws that may come down. That's why this blog went on the back burner for a few weeks.

This open letter speaks to an earlier version of myself, as well as to all the Baby Feminists I know who are coming through their 20's in the 20-teens. Any comments are welcome, as long as they don't attack anyone. Disagree if you wish, just be respectful and let me know why you disagree. Personal attacks will be deleted.