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I am GenderQueer

Warning: This blog discussing gender, and it's lack of duality.  If you're not comfortable with the idea that there might be more than males and females skip this one. It meanders a bit, as the topic isn't straight forward.

I am not transgendered. However, I do use the pronoun "we" with regards to all members of the LGBTQQIA community [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning, intersex, asexual]. There is no "them" if you're a member of this community-- only us. There are also more than that small handful of letters that stand for our gender and sexual ids and orientations. I heard somewhere there might be 700 of them, or more!

That tells me, that there really isn't any "them" at all, only one large, gigantic Us. There never really was a "them" you know, there has always only been us.

I've been thinking a lot about gender lately.

I do that on occasion, really think about who I am, and how I am. I think eve…

Lying Lila

Did you know that there is a huge problem in the US with women waiting until the last trimester to abort pregnancies based on the sex and/or race of the foetus?

Did you know that?

Well if you said yes, then  you have probably seen the artfully edited videos that Lila Rose and Live Action put out, proving it. She wants you to know that not only does she want women to have their abortions in the public square [nope, not a joke] and that sex is supposed to be only for the sacred act of child bearing in a marriage-- without birth control [nope, not a joke, either], she will show you the hypocrisy of the women's rights movement and how our support for abortions means that we're willing to sacrifice female foetuses-- because she decided so-called "gender-cide" is a big deal here.

It isn't.

[If you think Lila Rose is a truth-teller, I ask you, respectfully, to send me the information debunking PP and Media Matters, and various other groups that have investigated Live Act…

Chris Hayes is right, before the apology.

I don't watch a lot of television; in fact, I don't have cable or satellite at all, so any television I watch is 1-local or 2- streaming. What I do watch though is hockey on our NBC affiliate; I watch The Rachel Maddow show and Up with Chris Hayesthe mornings and afternoons after they air (MSNBC streams their shows on-line). Otherwise I watch the BBC on-line some times, and I love Netflix for the weird indie movies and documentaries. [Two good places to get good docus is Top Documentary Films, and Documentary Heaven, you can stream them.]

I watched Chris Hayes' morning show Sunday night, and enjoyed it very much. He said something that made a media shit storm yesterday (Memorial Day). He said that he was uncomfortable calling every single soldier who died in combat a hero.

I agree with him.

You can see the text of what he said, here, at HuffPo, and there is the vid, if you want to see him yourself.

I think it's interesting because I think it is very difficul…

Memorial Day, 2012

Memorial Day.

What does it mean to you?

It was suppose to be a day of solemn remembrance of all those who died serving our country in times of war. Our flags are at half-staff until noon, and then raised fully in remembrance. We honour the dead, and the living. May those who died never have died in vain, we cry! We strive to be thoughtful of their memories, their sacrifices, to be worthy of them.

For me, it's a day of sadness. This Monday, amidst the barbeques, the "first day at the beach" excursions, the parades, the flowers, the little American flags for the kids, the shopping, the sales, the mindless consumerism that Americans do so well. This Monday I won't take part in those things; I will take time and thank the spirits of the people who died while serving in the Armed Forces. I will remember that their energy is no long among the living, and any spark that they had, that connected them to us is extinguished.

I will be thankful that they were willing to make th…

Riiiight, the Bishops have the moral authority to investigate the Girl Scouts? Bitch, please!

Trigger Warning: This blog is about abuses by the Roman Catholic Church, and their newest fiasco. It is a rant. It is not kind. If you are Catholic, you might want to skip this one. 
As always, if you or someone you know is being abused. Please please please call RAINN [1.800.656.HOPE, or go to and you can speak with someone on their online help, through safe, secure IMs] or SNAP [1.877.SNAPHEALS/ 1.877.762.7432] , or your local child welfare office. Talk to someone you trust, have them go with you to speak with the police if need be. Just don't be afraid to speak out.
There is help out there, and I want you to find it! You aren't alone.

I've been asked why I tend to call out the Christians the most often. Why I rant and rave about them the most. It's very simple: those calling themselves Christians, in every denomination, Catholic and Protestant, make up the majority of religious people in the United States. The vast majority of our elected o…

Plant updated, with photos!

This weekend was crazy busy at my house. First thing Saturday we were up! This is not normal. Usually, given that the kids can get their own breakfast, we let them watch cartoons and we sleep-- until 10ish, usually. Not terribly late, but it's nice to get a little sleep in. But not this weekend.

We went to a local nursery and bought some plants. This was after windscreen replacement, picking up two lamps we bought off Craig's List, dashing to get hair cuts, and then dinner. We bought 2= 50 pound bags of special cactus dirt, some gypsum to promote breaking down of the clay soil we have, 2 red yucca plants, 1 baby pomegranate tree and a saguaro cactus!

Before we could go home, though, we had to go to Lowe's. See, I didn't own a shovel, and we also needed a pick axe-- something to cut through the clay with! We found a killer deal on those solar lights for your walk, and I'll be installing them today (I'll toss the photos on in a later update). We also found the cu…

Coming out: I had an abortion

If you are anti-choice, leave now. If you “don't believe” in abortion, then you'll dislike this blog. If you're willing to listen to someone's experience, then sit down and open your mind. Any abusive, nasty or mean comments will not be posted. This blog is a safe-space, and no one will be abused.
This blog post is probably going to be the most difficult one I've ever written. Not for the reasons you might expect, however. I'll have to explain as I go along, I think, being that this topic is often so fraught with the explosive landmine of “societal projection”. I am not going to defend myself, as I don't believe I've done anything wrong. I'm not going to seek your approval, I'm not writing this to change any minds-- because I don't know if I can.
I'm writing this, coming out like this, because we don't have a face. I am going to join the Women on Web and show my face. I'm writing this to share my experience, to put an “I” to the wom…