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So, a tip to be happy is call my ... mother?

I get so sick of reading shit like that! The stupidity! I mean, fuck! Why would every slide-show creator, every article writer, assume that shit! Fuck their stupid, and fuck their ignorance!!

Wait, let me back up, I started off in the middle of my thoughts, rather than at the beginning where everyone can follow along.

I was perusing my news feed on Facebook, as I was waiting for my daughter and her friend to finish clearing up their sleep over messes, before I took her friend home. No big deal, really, usually there's good articles about things I care about like Equality or news from the LGBT front (I especially love the wedding photos!) or Occupy, or well, the list of causes I endorse is pretty large-- I should probably blog about the crazy quilt of causes one of these days.

Anyway, there's an article on the Huffington Post, "Make People Happy: 9 ways..." It's got this list of cute or nice things you can do to cheer up a friend. Stuff that's thoughtful but t…

Some times I wonder about humanity...

At the risk of jumping on the Martin murder verdict bandwagon, I haven't written anything about Zimmerman going free. Why? Because much of what I have to say entails profanity, cursing the stupidity of Florida and calling a racist a racist.

Not conducive to fixing the problem. Not at all! So I'll try to keep the profanity at a minimum as I meander my way through this horrible shit pile of a verdict.

I will admit, I'm angry! I'm pissed the fuck off that six women in Florida sided with an obvious abusive man who murdered a kid, and said, "oh, you know it's cool that he picked a fight, and then got scared, and shot that kid. It was a sad thing..."

I'm angry that this boy won't live to grow old. I'm angry that a lot of kids won't live to grow old because of stupid, racist white people with guns. People who shoot first, or seek out reasons to harm; who measure their manliness in the calibre of their weapons. Their ability to claim "self-de…

In Memory of Neko, the mouthiest cat I've ever known! (photo heavy)

Friday we brought home our kittens! It was so awesome to see them pour out of the carrier and running through the house. If you look close, I swear you could see confetti and glittery, rainbow trails after them!

We were all set to go to the kitten shower at the Hermitage Saturday, and I was going to take photos  and blog about it. Good news is 37 kittens and cats were adopted!  

About four am, Saturday morning, my husband got up for some water. A little while later he woke me up, as our beloved Neko was in distress! She was laying in the middle of the floor, and crying... we thought she was blind. We spent about an hour with her, calming her down, and then helped her tuck herself into a corner by the bookshelf where she felt safe.

We took her to the vet as soon as urgent care hours opened which was one pm. The place was already a mad-house. While the tech, S., examined her, Neko's distress got worse, and we all knew something was wrong with our baby. Soon, I was cuddled down with …