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Retelling of the story of Tam Lin-Samhain/Hallowe'en 2016

I know I promised a ghost story; I haven't been able to finish the two I've started. My characters just went on strike and started laughing at me, as they are wont to do :) I think this happens because I have such a huge universe of people in my own imagination, and they do what physical people do-- whatever the hell they want to do.

However, I was thinking, and remembered that I'd worked on a series of children's stories that celebrated the Wheel of the Year, of the 8 high holidays of the Pagan/Neo-Pagan belief system. While not every Pagan celebrates the same holiday the same way, I tried to find stories, whether I wrote them, or retold them, that had themes parallel to the holiday. I never "dumbed down" the stories as I told them, as I feel that kids can understand so much more than we adults give them credit for. I also wanted these stories to be ways families could celebrate together-- a boring story that you have to read over and over is the nightmare of…