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This might be more information than I'm normally willing to share with the world, at large. However, this blog has become something of a cloudy mirror of my life, reflecting parts and helping me work through the deeper bits. Besides, I think only about six people on earth know it's here, counting me!

What I'm saying, is that this is now, and always will be a safe space for me to vent, share and explore the world and my inner self.

I'm a depressive, as I've said before. I have moderate, cyclical depression; this means I go through cycles, about three a year, that are moderately bad-- say a 7 on a 1-10 scale. Not bad enough that I can't get out of bed, but bad enough that I might not sleep properly for a month, and food doesn't actually taste.

A cycle starts with insomnia. Well, that's not quite right; I'm an insomniac-- so I can never sleep. A cycle starts when I sleep even worse, or lighter-- it feels like I spend the whole night in that cat-nap, n…

Fostering Kittens

Little something different today. We've had the honour and privilege of fostering two litters of kittens in partnership with the Hermitage, a local no-kill cat shelter. We took two litters, one of six and the other of four.

Yes, you read that right, we have been fostering ten kittens! Imagine that amount of cuteness and adorable furballs, and you can't help but smile.

I'll be writing more later about some of the things going on with me. But for now, I just want to share some photos of these babies with you all, and spread some happy through the internet.

 See that scarf? It's a killer-attack scarf, but don't worry, Finn will beat it back.

I am furniture, you see; I took this photo in a tiny pause as they were jumping off of me like a spring board.
 Bavard (l) and Sadie (r) needed cuddles, and so crawled up to my neck.

  They love climbing up, and jumping off that over-night bag.
 You can hear them, right? They're lions and tigers! "Rawr!!"