Fostering Kittens

Little something different today. We've had the honour and privilege of fostering two litters of kittens in partnership with the Hermitage, a local no-kill cat shelter. We took two litters, one of six and the other of four.

Yes, you read that right, we have been fostering ten kittens! Imagine that amount of cuteness and adorable furballs, and you can't help but smile.

I'll be writing more later about some of the things going on with me. But for now, I just want to share some photos of these babies with you all, and spread some happy through the internet.

 See that scarf? It's a killer-attack scarf, but don't worry, Finn will beat it back.

I am furniture, you see; I took this photo in a tiny pause as they were jumping off of me like a spring board.
 Bavard (l) and Sadie (r) needed cuddles, and so crawled up to my neck.

  They love climbing up, and jumping off that over-night bag.
 You can hear them, right? They're lions and tigers! "Rawr!!"
 Climbing the cat castle makes them all sleepy, so they'll take five before more wrestling. (This is Kira, Pierce and Moxie, from left to right).
You know you wanna take him home, right?

Anyway, these are our babies. The older litter will be going to the vet today, and will get fixed. Then they'll be ready for adoption. The smaller four will stay will us until they weigh two pounds. We also intend to pick up another litter of kittens who need us.

What fostering entails is really simple, we care for them, socialise them and make sure they don't have poo on their tails. Really, that's it. That doesn't mean it's not labour intensive, and can be tiring, and repetitive, but it's worth it... I mean, Kittens!

If you think you can handle it, get in touch with your own local shelters. Many of them need foster parents for cats and dogs, and you might be able to help out animals who need some temporary homes before they get their permanent mums and dads. If you don't think you could give them back then think about volunteering... animals need us.


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