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Plants and growing things

Happy Leap Day! Happy Birthday to all you Leap Babies out there :)

I have three plants in my house, and one Chia-Pet penguin thing. Just three. I'm not so good with growing things, but I do try. Unlike most Pagans, and complely unlike my Dad and his entire side of the family [my mother's side, too, but I unfortunately have no contact with them any longer] I have no green thumbs. I've joked for years that my thumbs are dead and black; my mother and ex used to say I'd kill trees if I wasn't careful. It made for a good laugh, sometimes.

Of course I'm not that bad, never have been. I don't have the easy knack that my Dad or his siblings have. I remember growing up with a huge garden, and how easy it was for my Dad to make things grow out of the hard ground. Yes, I had to weed, and I hated it, but I loved the sun-warm tomatoes fresh off the vine, and the Brussels sprouts with cheese, so the trade off was worth it.

I've had several pet plants, herbs usually,…

Meandering thoughts about tattooing

This "Meandering Thoughts" tag means I have a topic in mind, but no clear post-worthy write up. The past couple weeks I've been pretty busy, and so my brains haven't had time to write me up anything good. I'll probably meander through a couple of entries this week, at least today and tomorrow. I've got some thinking to do.

So, if you're OK with it, come along for the ride in my head. It's not too terribly cluttered in here, in my head, I mean. I tend to tidy it up regularly, and I do try to keep the dogma out-- you know how dogma are, they're like mice, you just can't keep all of them out all of the time. Mind the pile of mis-conceptions about myself by that chair there, you can use it to hold your teacup, I just don't want you to get them on you-- I don't know if mis-conceptions are catching! Oh, here's a blanket of love and acceptance for you to snuggle-down with; I keep them piled up all over, because you never know when  you nee…

Bright Birthday Blessings for my son.

That's an unexpected alliteration, the title!

Today my youngest son is eight years old. He was born almost exactly eight years ago, this moment, as I sit down to dash off this entry, as he made his way into the world at 8:42am, Central time.

He was a smallish baby, from what I've been told, only 7 pounds, 4 ounces, but I thought he was a perfectly red-faced, wrinkled old-man of an infant! They all look like that, and all new-borns are so ugly they're cute. I don't care what anyone says, they don't get "new born" cute until they're about a week or two old, and stop being red all the time.

I called him "Boogie" when he was small, because he spent more time squirming and wiggling. It reminded me of those old 1970's disco movies. He hates it when anyone calls him that, now. But for this blog, that's his name. I've tried not to name names.

My son is a freckled, auburn haired, blue-eyed boy with glasses, and he looks an awful lot like …

My Mother...

Trigger Warning: This post is about my mother, some of my feelings for her, an over-view of the situation that led to her and I not speaking, and isn't kind to her. I've been meaning to unpack how I feel about her for some time, but it's very hard to deal with, let alone speak publicly about. She's my mother! I'm supposed to love and respect her, not talk about what a worthless sack of self-righteous shit she is, right?

If you have trouble with your parents, this might be triggering for you. I do touch on abuse, somewhat. If you are being abused, please please please talk to someone. Call your local police, or someone you can trust to help you escape. Abuse is debilitating, and I hope you never have to be hurt like that. You can go to the National Domestic Abuse Hotline, online, or call them at 1.800.799.SAFE. You can't alone! We want to help.

My mother was 17 when she had me. She turned 18 about two months later; Dad has just turned 20, so they were both just k…

Meanding thoughts and Senator Frothy Loathing

Trigger Warning: This blog is about politics, and about the candidate Rick Santorum. I rant mightily about my loathing for this man. I wasn't clear, I wasn't thoughtful and I sure as hell didn't explain. I just ranted with much profanity. Maybe another time I'll be more thorough, but today, I wasn't. If this is something you want to opt-out of, I understand. My brains are full of weird things today. Some thoughts are pretty serious and other ones are bizarrely un-serious. I have no idea why my brains are rebelling against my usual, mostly coherent thoughts today, but I figure it's probably from the headache I had for a couple days. It didn't morph into a migraine, but I thought it was going to-- those are the bane of my existence, lemme tell you. Being on the Pill actually helps prevent them. I might get three a year, rather than one a month!
Thoughts are tricky things when your mind is in this kind of state, it's hard to pin something down, and make it …

Question and Answer

So, today is question and answer day. I'll answer a question that someone has asked me in the past about my religion, philosophy, or even politics. I don't know how often I'll do this, as this one wasn't planned at all. The questioner is someone with whom I am not close, but the question she asked is very very common these days, and her reaction (and the reaction of her friends and family) showed me that either I'm completely out of it, or they're stuck in the Bronze Age. The conversation came up almost a month ago, maybe a little more, but it's been banging around in my head all day today. I decided to explore it a little bit.
The Question (it's a two-fer): Is cyber-sex cheating? Well, is porn cheating?
My Answer: Nope. Not in the slightest.
OK, that's all for today, I hope you all---
What? You expected more? Shit. All right, I'll explain what I meant. Fuck me, you're a demanding audience in my head... probably that's just my peanut g…

Weekend Feature: Erotica

Warning: This post is erotic in nature. If that's offensive, please accept my apologies.  I am sex positive, and find good erotica a joy to read. It also deals in light BDSM and sensory deprivation.
I wrote this some time ago, and recently got brave enough to send it into an erotica website (Oysters & Chocolate). They were supposed to get back to me whether they were posting it or not. The wait time is "as long as 12 weeks"... and that time has passed. Therefore, I'll share it with you all instead. It was a joy to write. I enjoyed exploring a situation that would be terrifying, or at the least discomforting, in reality. Just remember, keep it safe, sane and enthusiastically consensual! :)
The Strangest Dream I just woke up from the strangest dream. I am sure it was a dream; after all, I’m lying here, and can feel just my boyfriend lying next to me. It should be a dream, I can’t see why anything like that would every really happen. I sit here, in the dark with only t…


This one meanders a little bit.

I realised when I was about 15 that I tended to find women more attractive than my female friends. When they would say, "oh, she's pretty", I'd think, "Damn!" and get this butterflies in my stomach-- the same ones that I would get when I saw a good looking man. I had a huge crush on singer/activist Annie Lennox for many years-- and in some ways, still do. I didn't realise that the other girls I knew didn't find men and women equally sexy, I thought they just didn't say anything.

So, I didn't either. Maybe this wasn't something people said... I mean, I wasn't a lesbian, I knew that, so maybe it was just normal. I was a little confused for a very long time.

Perhaps as long as five years passed before I heard the term "bi-sexual". It might not have been that long, but I can't remember for certain. Once I heard it, and did some google-ing I found women and men just like me! We weren't we…