Meanding thoughts and Senator Frothy Loathing

Trigger Warning:
This blog is about politics, and about the candidate Rick Santorum. I rant mightily about my loathing for this man. I wasn't clear, I wasn't thoughtful and I sure as hell didn't explain. I just ranted with much profanity. Maybe another time I'll be more thorough, but today, I wasn't. If this is something you want to opt-out of, I understand.
My brains are full of weird things today. Some thoughts are pretty serious and other ones are bizarrely un-serious. I have no idea why my brains are rebelling against my usual, mostly coherent thoughts today, but I figure it's probably from the headache I had for a couple days. It didn't morph into a migraine, but I thought it was going to-- those are the bane of my existence, lemme tell you. Being on the Pill actually helps prevent them. I might get three a year, rather than one a month!

Thoughts are tricky things when your mind is in this kind of state, it's hard to pin something down, and make it make sense to me. For example, I'm discussing graphic design with my friend, and Illustrator, and getting quite an education on the subject. I won't lie, I'm hopeless at drawing. But at the same time, my brain's not there. Just sorta skating along the top of the conversation.

I'm also listening to Pandora, which if you don't have it, you should get it. Pay the people 40 bucks a year and listen to some amazing music! Some of the bands I'd never heard of before, but now consider them some of my favourites. My brains' not listening much to the music, either, though. Wepl, a part of my mind is singing along in my head, but most of me is staring at this screen and wondering about something else, entirely: Rick Santorum.

I don't tend to have strong feelings for people that are negative. If I love you, I love you. But if I "hate"  you, well, it's just loathing and the fact I find you utterly despicable. I don't really hate you. Hate is an emotional state of mind that you have to feed. You have to force yourself to dwell on that person, the things they've done that pain you, that cause you harm, and feed that hatred. I never wanted to hate anyone, or anything (besides war). I never wanted to feed that hatred of another person, stripping them of their humanity to continue to hate them.

The act of feeling hate toward someone completely removes their humanity. They become less in your eyes. They have to, otherwise you can't hate them. All people are our brothers, and sisters, and cousins, and hating your family is a pretty horrific thing.

I am |-| close to hating Rick Santorum, though. Completely and unutterably hating him. I am not  a republican. I was one for about a year, after I registered. My mother had gotten me a GOP form when I registered, and it wasn't until later that I realised I could register Independent. So, around my 19th birthday I switched. I drifted left and ended up a Libertarian for many years. I always considered myself to be a real Lib, not like Ron Paul, who makes me want to vomit. I honestly, truly feel that your body is yours to control, and mine is mine-- therefore it's not my business if you really want to get tweaked every day. Just don't drive, ok? And stay the fuck away from me.

After President Obama was elected I left the Libertarian party. I was sad to go, but those god-damned teabaggers co-opted my political party and made it into the neo-Nazi, fascist, anti-Obama, racist party for rich, white, old motherfuckers. No more Lib for Em.

I joined the Democratic Party. It was weird, honestly, getting information from a main party, instead of the Libertarian and Green parties, that I was used to getting fliers from. I've decided to register with the Socialist party this year, but haven't done it yet. Arizona is a closed primary state, so I don't want to miss being able to vote for my Rep, who has done an awesome job. [I loathe closed primaries, by the way. I feel utterly disenfranchised by them.] I will vote, regardless of my party though, and do everything I can to see Santorum sent back to Virginia with his tail between his legs (well, or Pennsylvania, he's a rich, white motherfucker with two houses).

Now, before I get to ranting too much, I don't have anything against rich people. The ones I've met who have been fucking loaded have been wonderful, loving people who just happened to be in a tax bracket that I am not in. It was never something anyone cared about. I liked them because of who they were, not what they were worth. The people that I refer to as "rich motherfuckers" are people like Senator Frothy or Governor Romney-- they never worked a real job, but instead take advantage of loop holes and other things to emass money (see Bain Capitol or Frothy's Pennsylvania home-school scandal if you need information). So, please don't accuse me of being a communist and therefore hating people who have more money than I do. Fuck, everyone has more money than I do! I have 3 bucks in my checking account because my ex can't be bothered to pay his child support and I can't find a paying job. So yeah, all you fuckers have more money than me! I don't hate you for it. I'm proud of you! In this economy getting a decent job is like finding a chicken with teeth! I will keep my fingers crossed for you, that things go well... because that's the right thing to do, and I like you!

What I don't like about Frothy Mix is his politics and his religion. Yeah, all of the bastard.

The more he talks, and the more I hear, the more surprised I am that people are voting for him. I mean, that fucker went on national television to say that he thought contraception was bad! According to Guttmacher, 99% of women in the US use contraception (98% if all Catholic women, and no, not the fucking rhythm method). So, any kind of contraception makes me evil. Fuck you, Rick! [There's a great graphic here at Mother Jones]

And of course, he thinks abortion is the worst thing ever. Outlawing that necessary health care would solve everything, he thinks. Just ask him about us sluts who have abortions... ask him. We're the worst thing in the world. We have abortions because we can't be "bothered" to have a kid right now, but were so busy drinking and partying that we fucked everything that moved that weekend. <rolling my eyes so hard they're going to fall out of my head!>

Don't even get me started on his LGBT-hating record. He is, after all, the man who said gay marriage would bring about "man on dog" sex, and therefore deserves every single nasty side comment, every joke, every reference to his name's eponymous sexual-neologism "for the frothy mix of lube and faecal matter that is sometimes the bi-product of anal sex". Far as I'm concerned, he's a walking tub is shit. Only shit would open his mouth and dribble the horrible things that come out of his mouth.

I was telling my Beloved last night that I thought Frothy (and the gop candidate list) was like the bacteria that causes amoebic dysentery... walking diarrhoea of the mouth. I'm sure that's a terribl thing to say, but fuck it, this is my blog and I'll say it if I want to.

I understand Frothy Mix believes the Roman Catholic Doctrine with all the submission and dedication that his little heart can muster. I respect that religious dedication. I mean, fuck, he's putting his immortal soul in the hands of a hierarchy known more for buggering their children than being anywhere near "Christ-like"! That's some dedication.

However, I am not now, nor ever have been, Roman Catholic. I've never been Orthodox, either. Never been Methodist, Lutheran, or a member of the Society of friends/a Quaker (although I was close) or Amish, or, well, I was Baptist as a child. That's it. The only Christian denomination was Baptist (and they believe in birth control, just for the record. You have to be able to care for the kids you're having, not leaving it "up to God" like afucking moron.) Anyway, not being Catholic, the Pope, bless his lovely red Prada shoes, can't tell me shit. And if he does, I can tell him Piss off. Period, end of story.

Frothy, however, wants to be President of the United States, and is bringing his papist ideals with him. I use that word on purpose, as he's decided that mainline Protestant churches aren't really Christian any more. So, on top of arbitrating my reproductive system, getting me back home and shutting me the fuck up, making everyone home school their kids, and outlawing being gay, only he knows what a real Christian is.

Better pass that on to the Christians I know. You know the ones, they're feeding the hungry, and clothing the naked, and actually loving their enemies. They're peaceful and trying to do what is right, but not taking time to check with the establishment. They're too busy being like their Christ to care what the establishment says. Those Christians.

I despise that little sweater-vest wearing prick. I can't even articulate it completely without getting full of rage and revulsion. The idea that one little man can tell a country full of women what to do with their bodies makes me sick. He's the sort of person that I wouldn't piss on if he was on fire: I'd get more lighter fluid and some charcoal.

Religious freedom, as enshrined in the 1st Amendment isn't the freedom for any hierarchy to tell me what I can, and can't do. It's my freedom from them. I have the freedom to worship anything I wish, or nothing at all, and there's not a goddamed thing Frothy can do about it--

Except get elected. Then I know he'd push for something much like Atwood's Handmaid's Tail. (You can even watch the film if you'd rather not read the book.)

If this man gets elected women in this country are fucked. He thinks of us as merely vessels for the greatness of a man's sperm. Merely walking incubators for as many babies as a man wishes to put inside us. Merely playthings for a man's libido, with a helping of the Stepford Wife smile. No woman can think on her own, choose anything, or believe anything he doesn't tell us to. We're here for the amusement of men, according to him and his ilk.

I have and will continue to speak out against Frothy and Ron Paul. Frothy scares me more, because of his poll numbers, I'll be honest. But the entire GOP leadership, the political climate they're making, encouraging, feeding, it shows how much they hate women, and how little they think of us.

I am a human being. I have thoughts, and emotions, feelings and beliefs that are mine, and mine alone!
I'm not an incubator for some guy. I'm not just a uterus, and I demand treatment that is equal to that of any penis-waving man.

A penis doesn't make you human, contrary to the belief of the GOP/Teabagging party. 
A mind makes you human. Self-awareness makes you human.

Sounds like two things the leadership of that party are lacking, huh?


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