Bright Birthday Blessings for my son.

That's an unexpected alliteration, the title!

Today my youngest son is eight years old. He was born almost exactly eight years ago, this moment, as I sit down to dash off this entry, as he made his way into the world at 8:42am, Central time.

He was a smallish baby, from what I've been told, only 7 pounds, 4 ounces, but I thought he was a perfectly red-faced, wrinkled old-man of an infant! They all look like that, and all new-borns are so ugly they're cute. I don't care what anyone says, they don't get "new born" cute until they're about a week or two old, and stop being red all the time.

I called him "Boogie" when he was small, because he spent more time squirming and wiggling. It reminded me of those old 1970's disco movies. He hates it when anyone calls him that, now. But for this blog, that's his name. I've tried not to name names.

My son is a freckled, auburn haired, blue-eyed boy with glasses, and he looks an awful lot like me! He's nerdy, and smart as hell. He's funny, and learning to tell jokes. He's really good at Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman and loves mathematics. We played "HOARD" yesterday and he laughed like a maniac*. I think he was super thrilled to be the first one of the kids to play if with one of us grown-ups, since we bought it for them. It's that nyah-nyah thing, but in a good natured way. Plus, he enjoyed himself.

He loves school, but he's not too keen on writing, but he likes to tell stories! He likes hockey, but doesn't have a favourite yet. I keep rooting for the Pens, but if the Wings get another fan, I suppose I can handle that-- they already have my oldest.

He loves music, and playing with K'nex and Lego's, oh, and those new Bionicle things, Hero something or others. It's the building part that he loves the most, and I can't blame him one bit! I love Lego's too.

I remember his first birthday. I admit, I'm a bad mother. I never made a bid deal about my kids' first birthdays. They were 1! They could barely talk, so I always figured we'd make a bigger deal later one, like 16 or something. I bought him some clothes, and a little stuffy. We had McDonald's, because at that age, he could eat the fries and nuggets, with help of course. The cake ended up more on him, than in him, but I always made my kids a little cake, or cupcake for their birthday-- so everyone else could have a piece of cake, too. (I love me some cake and ice cream!)

When he turned two, we were living with my parents. My mother and I bought him doggie stuffies. One his huge, and the other one is soft and velvety and he loved them. Bubba and Baby, are their names, and he sleeps with them on his bed! 

I have taken time for every single birthday my kids have over the years, to try to make it special. This year, my Love is working late, but he'll be home just in time for dinner! Have to be home for the cake and ice cream, huh? [Poor kitty, we have to take her in on Friday to get spayed, so he's working late to flex-time. She will be slightly happier with him taking her in, than me. She's not my cat.]

Birthday traditions are pretty simple around here. You pick what you want for dinner, what kind of cake, with what ice cream, and you get your gift(s) right after dinner. If your birthday's on the weekend, you might get your present early-- depending on what it is. I'm breaking the house rules tonight, and will give him his present early, right after his homework is done. We  got him a "grown-up" DSLite! So, we're bending the "No Games on School Days" rule for today, so he can play his new Pokemon game, on his new hand-held! I'm so excited!

He has a big heart, my Boogie. A huge, big heart, and wants to help, so much. He's learning to care for the environment, and how to recycle, so any new peice of rubbish gets the "is this recycleable?" treatment from him. He helps me feed the song birds that make our neighbourhood their home, and will sit and watch them with me. He also loves the kitties! He even enjoys watching the fishes as they meander around their tank.

I have a lot of hopes for him, my youngest boy. Just like I have for his sister and brother. I want him to grow strong, and happy, full of love and hope for the world. I want him to know where he came from, who he is, and where he's going. I want him to be confortable in his skin, and know that he is loved, no matter what.

But today, today I'm wishing him a very happy and wonderful eighth birthday!
I love you, kiddo!

*If you have a Steam account, pick it up! It's not expensive, and it's addictive fun.  At least, I think so :) And if you like, add me, my Steam ID is WolfWytch :)


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