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An old piece

I went though my game trunk the other day. It's exactly what it sounds like: a huge ass trunk full of RPG books, papers, characters, my collection of GM notes, everything except the dice-- those are in a dice bag, in a box in my room. I was looking for something I'd put together a long time ago for Shadowrun, and found a notebook some random scribbles in it.

I do that, occasionally, and then years later I find those scribbles, and the majority of the time I throw them away, recycling the paper, and being glad that I found them again. "See how far I've come," I think, "how much better I write, or how much better my state of mind is".

On the rare occasion that I decide to keep the scribbles I just tuck them back away. I don't like to share them, because they're often just a half an inch short of a journal entry. This one, though, I thought I'd share.

You will need a little back story, though:
My ex was abusive, angry and menacing; he was one p…

Abstinence Only Sex-Ed arrives in high school, part one

Got a flier from my oldest kid's high school the other day, they're teaching all freshmen abstinence only sex-ed. I spent all morning of the 10th, trying to figure out who in the hell thinks this is a good idea, and finally sent a letter to the school board, and both local newspapers.

My thoughts on this topic are well known. I'm also fed up with religious people being squeamish about sex and teens, and science. It has been close to a week, and I've heard nothing. I had some interactions with the Editor over at the Tucson Citizen, and eventually I guess this letter will be on their guest blogs. However, I wanted to share it now.

Here's the letter I sent. It contains most of the talking points that I harped on, repeated, explained and got ranty about while I was on the telephone with (in this order), the receptionist [who is the gate keeper and to whom I had to explain why I needed to talk to someone else], the woman in charge of the "Healthy Living" curri…