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Personal Evolution

If you know me, you know my motto/personal life-sentence:
Evolve, change, learn! If you stop evolving, changing, learning, you stagnate. If you stagnate, you die.

I've been thinking about this motto for a long time, as I've refined, it and truly realised that it is my way of life. Sometimes I think mottoes don't come through a pithy phrase you hear, but through a life you live. For me, this has been the case.

I've always been curious, and always wanted to know absolutely everything about everything! If it's relevant to my life, I want to know how it works, and why it works that way. This one fact about me, is a huge part of why I left the religion of my childhood, explored other philosophies and why I'm an Atheist today. I've looked for the answers in the nooks and crannies of life, in science and in the world around me, in the minds of people I admire, in words and poems, in history and in every other place I could.

I've learned how to knit and crochet…