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More kittens and some musing (photo heavy)

Excuse the self-indulgence of this entry. A lot has happened in the world, and while I can't even begin to do justice to the awesomeness of DOMA being struck as Unconstitutional and California's Prop 8 being thrown back down (where it was overturned) because of lack of standing, let me say I did the Rainbow dance all day and have been thrilled to bits since those rulings came down. Love won the day, and I am so happy for that!

Not pleased about the Voting Rights Act's desecration, but I know we can work to preserve the rights of people to vote, I know we can work together as a country and make that right.

We've done it before, we can pull together again. So I'm not terribly worried. Pissed at the SCOTUS, but not worried.

I applied for a job, and didn't get it. Yeah, I know, it is happening to everyone these days, and it's a total fucking bummer! I was trying to get in at the Hermitage, you know, the cat shelter we were fostering kittens with. I know I coul…

Good Riddance to Exodus International...

Got up, got some weed pulled and tree-suckers trimmed off, and fed the kindle of kittens (yes, a grouping of kittens is called a kindle, isn't that fucking adorable?!) their breakfast-- they get wet cat food twice a day, in addition to the dry that's always available. I thought today would be yet another Thursday in Summer. Kids on computer and consoles, fighting over stupid shit like my daughter's obsession with pop music that drives my sons insane, and "it's my turn!"
What I didn't expect was to see a headline that filled me with such joy. I mean absolute joy! This is so fucking awesome and wonderful and amazing! I'd be doing back-flips if I knew how (and I can't cartwheel in the house, it's not safe, after all).
I found out this morning that Exodus International is closing their doors. I'm sure a little background is necessary, as not everyone knows what they are, or were rather.
Exodus International was founded in 1976, according to t…

I was taught the world was only a few thousand years old...

So, things have been kinda busy with the kittens all over the house-- we have ten, after all, that we're socialising and fattening up so they're ready to be spayed or neutered and adopted out. School is also out for the summer, so my entire schedule has flipped around.

But I've been thinking a lot about creationism, as well as some of the crazier fundie stuff I was taught as a kid and young teen. One blog I follow, which I've shared before Leaving Fundamentalism does an awesome job of discussing the ACE curriculum and the dangers it poses to the ability to actually think! I'd have to agree, as I went to a school for two years (the second of which I finished in Germany home-schooling myself with the Paces) in an ACE school. The mind-numbing course work wasn't even the worst of it.

What I have noticed a lot of lately is creationism in the news and media. Now, depending on where you go in the blogosphere and online you'll always have creationism on your radar-…