More kittens and some musing (photo heavy)

Excuse the self-indulgence of this entry. A lot has happened in the world, and while I can't even begin to do justice to the awesomeness of DOMA being struck as Unconstitutional and California's Prop 8 being thrown back down (where it was overturned) because of lack of standing, let me say I did the Rainbow dance all day and have been thrilled to bits since those rulings came down. Love won the day, and I am so happy for that!

Not pleased about the Voting Rights Act's desecration, but I know we can work to preserve the rights of people to vote, I know we can work together as a country and make that right.

We've done it before, we can pull together again. So I'm not terribly worried. Pissed at the SCOTUS, but not worried.

I applied for a job, and didn't get it. Yeah, I know, it is happening to everyone these days, and it's a total fucking bummer! I was trying to get in at the Hermitage, you know, the cat shelter we were fostering kittens with. I know I could do the job, and I'm choosing to believe that the woman who got it has non-profit experience, which I don't have. Also, I may have been overly professional when I interviewed. I don't know the etiquette for Arizona, but back home in Michigan and in Texas you wear a suit for interviews, no matter what the dress code at work is, so I did. Maybe I was over-dressed? It is June, and was over 100 that day. Ugh, lemme tell you, I peeled it off when I got home, that's for sure, but I felt pretty good. Putting on a suit jacket, skirt and heels always makes me feel good.

I'm not mad about not getting it, either, just really bummed out. Oh, well. There are other non-profit/green/bleeding-heart companies that I can try for. I just have to find them.

We took our last batch of kittens, all ten of them, back to the Hermitage on Tuesday afternoon. They are all over 2 pounds, and ready to be spayed/neutered and then heal up for the Kitten Shower this weekend.

What's a kitten shower, you ask? It's like a baby shower for kittens! It's also an adoption event, and there are about 100 kittens who need homes, so I've got my fingers crossed for Saturday. I really want all of our babies to find homes. They also have a "Black and Tan" event, which is 'adopt a tabby and a black cat and get a cost break'. They're working with a bunch of other shelters for these events, it's regional, I think, which is pretty cool.

We'll be going, and I think some people my husband works will will meet us there! Wouldn't that be awesome?!

Anyway, the kittens. I miss them! We let them roam the house for the last week they were here, getting them used to loud noises like the TV, and dealing with our cats, which is something many of them will have to get used to when they get adopted-- being home with an older, possibly ornery cat. I spent a week with them draped over my chair, lap and desk-- and often keyboard! It was magnificent! I loved every minute of it. They also slept with us, and that made for some interesting things...

You ever sleep with a kitten hat? I mean with a kitten draped over your head like a hat? Pippin would do that, as would Peter and Marius, and if I slept on my back, instead of my side, I would have had kitten elbows in my eyes! But it was cozy, hearing them purring themselves to sleep through my pillow.

We filled out the packet to adopt Pippin, Finn, Bavard and Sadie, yesterday, and I might even be bringing them home tomorrow-- depending. I am very excited, and we haven't told our kids, so they'll be happy as larks! They miss the kittens as much as we do, especially my youngest, he's been heartbroken! "Mum, will you see if Ai got adopted? And let me know if they're OK when you see them Saturday?" He wants them all to have good homes, and that makes me feel so good.

So, without further ado, let me share some photos of our babies, and if you would, cross your fingers with me that they all get adopted? If you're in the area, come out to the Hermitage on Saturday! It'll be awesome, and you can adopted a lovely kitten with just the right temperament for you!

 Marius and Emoji are Manx cats, so they don't have tails. They do, however, like hockey!
 Here's Emoji's face, you can see she's got the =@.@= look down, and with such a teeny mew as she has, she's going to get snapped up and spoiled rotten!
 Finn used to sleep outside the bed.
 Finn and Pippin when they first came home.
 Pippin, sleeping away, as was I!
 Look close, there's two cats in here... Yes, Peter really was in my hair! We aren't even sure how he did that. Pippin was playing with my hair, or stretched out on my back, I don't know which, because I was sleeping.

Below: Bavard (which is French for "chatterbox") is on the right, and Finn is on the left. If you look, you can see Finn's eyes are amber! (stupid Blogger still fucks up photos!)
 Randi, another Manx, she's got a stub of a tail, and it actually moves around like any cat's tail. It's hilarious!
 Peter, named in honour of my first cat, who was an all black one. He's cuddly and loving, and well, a perfect black cat.
 Houdini's in the top corner, and Davenport is laying on my son's foot. They're named for escape artist and magicians, Harry Houdini and the Davenport brothers.

Emoji again, see how sad she looks?!

We had a wonderful time fostering these guys, and look forward to "kitten season" next year!


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