Anti-Valentine's Day Anti-Sonnet

So, in honour of the day, and the way I feel about V-Day, I am sharing a poem I wrote back in the summer of ‘06. I had been going through to tough time, and when it was done I tucked it away. Historically, sonnets were written for lovers, by lovers (or wannabe-lovers)… so I thought it appropriate to share my modern-sonnet with you all.

Love it, hate it, I don’t mind; it's poetry, and poetry is subjective. I am crazy about my Beloved, and I do wish him a wonderful day! He's on vacation this week, and we have odds and ends to do, together. Even if those odds and ends are "re-sealing the roof with mastic tar", at least we're together-- see, I told you yesterday romance wasn't dead! 

Usually I write him something nice, but I decided to share this instead. If you want an idea of how I feel about my Beloved, read Elizabeth Barret Browning's poem, "How Do I Love Thee?" That's probably the best written explanation that I can point you toward. And if you need something beautiful to share with your own Valentine, read him/her that poem. It's enchanting!

Now, this sonnet has nothing to do with my Beloved. The one gent who did it, well, he knows who he is.

Die Screaming:

Razor blades and broken glass bathed in isopropyl rain,
Knives, debris and shards of stuff can’t cause this sort of pain.
I let you hurt me, break my heart; I forgave you for it too
But break my heart a second time, and what’s this grrl to do?
Now, I’m not much like normal girls, I don’t follow “female rules”
I can’t tolerate stupidity or suffer any fools
I don’t use, abuse or dominate; manipulation’s not my style.
Dialogue and compromise, unless you’re in denial.
Many women, faced with this would just curl up and weep
My little man, I’m just a grrl; but, damn, I’m not a sheep.
Won’t beg, or plead or cry out loud, won’t ask, demand or wait,
For my full due—explanation please? Are you thriving on this hate?
What to do, to get through this: entirely demeaning,
To wish upon that one bright star, I hope that you die, screaming.


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