Lying Lila

Did you know that there is a huge problem in the US with women waiting until the last trimester to abort pregnancies based on the sex and/or race of the foetus?

Did you know that?

Well if you said yes, then  you have probably seen the artfully edited videos that Lila Rose and Live Action put out, proving it. She wants you to know that not only does she want women to have their abortions in the public square [nope, not a joke] and that sex is supposed to be only for the sacred act of child bearing in a marriage-- without birth control [nope, not a joke, either], she will show you the hypocrisy of the women's rights movement and how our support for abortions means that we're willing to sacrifice female foetuses-- because she decided so-called "gender-cide" is a big deal here.

It isn't.

[If you think Lila Rose is a truth-teller, I ask you, respectfully, to send me the information debunking PP and Media Matters, and various other groups that have investigated Live Action. Every time that pretty little girl posts more videos they are debunked. She is a liar. Also, if you think Rose is telling the truth, what the hell are you doing here? I'm pro-abortion, this isn't a blog that you would be comfortable reading, and I'd love to know why you're hanging out in this part of cyberspace-- I'm very confused.]

Far as I can find, there's no evidence of sex-selective abortion taking place in the US at all. Religious Dispatches did a great piece on her latest "gotcha video" attempt. I am not interested in giving that annoying little girl more press than I have to; I think she's got some Daddy-issues, otherwise why would she consistently be thrusting herself into the media's limelight spouting shit. Otherwise she'd realise that "just because I don't agree with you, doesn't make you wrong". She'd be an adult.

But it seems to me that the Religious Reich doesn't want adult women; they want little girls who look pretty, dress like princesses, talk with an adorable little lisp and do exactly what they're told! Take a look at her, she's very pretty! She's the perfect virgin: lovely and unattainable until you marry her. She is the epitome of an acceptable woman for the GOP.

She's also a lying little shit; she's very much an example of a pretty little liar for Jesus.

Planned Parenthood suspected they were on the list for a new "investigation" a few months ago. I remember seeing it on HuffPo, RH Reality Check, and even CNN. Planned Parenthood put out a memo, or made an announcement to their affiliations letting them know there had been some very strange clients. Live Action, Rose's group, wasn't being sneaky-sneaky, it was more like a steel-shod horse clopping through a marble hallway.

But it doesn't matter to people who are virulently anti-choice. What matters to people who are anti-choice is that someone is proving to them that "women and abortionists are killing baybehs because they're female!!!!11"

Bull shit!

It's the same thing we see every time someone does some creative editing to prove their point. By creative editing, I mean "chopping it up, and making the film say whatever the fuck they want it to say." Look at that O'Keefe piece of shit, he pretended to be a pimp, a sex trafficker, and still anti-choicers think he's an honest, investigative reporter. What he did was lie, a lot. His video showing how bad and evil ACORN was, was a hoax. A complete hoax. And yes, ACORN closed down.

Rose wants that for Planned Parenthood, too. Close all the doors, no more preventative care, no more doctors for poor people, no more pre-natal checks, no more mammograms, no more paps, no vasectomies, nothing. If you need to see the doctor, I guess you can scrape the money together and see a GP. If they take cash. Because it's your own goddamed fault for not having insurance you lazy motherfucker.

Because Lila Rose is pretty and white and christian, she gets the benefit of the doubt that someone like me, who isn't conventionally pretty gets. This is very common, and not something that should be a surprise to anyone who's had to deal with humans. The prettier you are, the more credibility you're automatically given; same if you agree with that pretty face.

If you think I'm pretty, and I tell you something you want to hear-- let me repeat that Some Thing You Want To Hear-- you're going to believe me, or at the least nod and want to believe me, even if you know that I'm full of shit. It's another form of confirmation bias.

Everyone is guilty of that. Humans are really good at seeking out information we like, and discarding as false stuff we don't like. The more intellectual that a person is, the more likely they are to seek out information regardless of how they feel about it-- as I've found it. Granted my research into this thing is nascent, but it's very clear so far. The more conservative a person is, the more angry, more afraid and more willing to be led a person is-- we know conservative people are very often just short of authority-worshippers. We also know that people like Lila Rose is setting herself up as an authority. She is the one truth teller about Planned Parenthood.

Even though those "truths" are lies.

Huge, horrific lies.

Women choose to end pregnancies for a multitude of reasons. The sex and race of the embryo isn't one of them-- not here anyway; there are some rumours that China, India and parts of East Asia might do this-- unofficially as it's illegal. But proof is lacking.

Yes, it's a terrible thought, that a woman would decide she had to abort because her foetus is female. But I've read plenty of news stories about women in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere being beaten, killed, burned, tortured -- you name it, for giving birth to female infants. If she's lucky she and the infant live.

It's better if the pregnancy ends and she lives.

You know, if you've read anything I've written on the subject, that a living breathing woman means more to me than a foetus. She is here, she walks around, she has dreams and hopes. The foetus is potential-- maybe some day, if shit goes just right, it will be a person. If the abortion will save the woman's life-- abort! She is a worthy person, not a walking incubator.

Women like Lila Rose who want to punish every women who doesn't live up to her standards of acceptable make me sick. There is no reason that one person's morality should be used to bludgeon the rest of America. It is a throwback for christianity, it's going backward in time to the magical, mythical time when while, male christians ran the joint.


Remember slavery? That was moral according to the vast majority of Americans-- the christian ones, Paul said "servants/slaves obey your masters as you would obey Christ."

Remember women's enfranchisement? It was moral to prevent women from voting-- because Paul said we should sit down and shut up.

Remember the Civil Rights Act? It was moral to oppose it.

Remember school segregation? Bussing? Privacy (that includes birth control and being able to get married to someone outside your race)?

Wait, I'm getting too liberal, aren't I? How about this one:

Remember freedom of speech and expression? Freedom to carry in DC/owning a firearm is protected by the 2nd Amendment?

Yeah, there have been SCOTUS cases ruling on these, as well as legislation and executive orders. Not just liberal stuff. These were all moralities by the majority-- and yet, they aren't moral.

If it is immoral to lie, then it's immoral to lie for Jesus. Even if those lies are exactly what you wanted to hear.

If it's immoral to lie, then it's immoral to believe the lies, even if you really want them to be the truth.

Truth doesn't ever need embellishment. Christians who claim that the anti-choice propaganda that people like Rose spout like diarrhoea of the mouth is truth need a crash course in what truth really is.

Truth isn't comfortable; truth challenges our preconceived notions of the superiority of our positions. It's not always pretty; some times truth is hideous. It's not always clean; some times it's filthy. Some times the truth is brutal, dirty, ugly. We don't have to like it, or even really want to believe it. I don't like genocide, Darfur makes me sick and I wish with all my heart that it wasn't true; but it is. It's the truth, and it's disgusting.

But it's the Truth, unvarnished, unembellished, unpolished.

Otherwise, it's not truth.


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