Soooo... R-money picked Ryan, huh?

Late Friday night, at the absolute worst time-- or very close to it, Mitt Romney announced his choice of Veep: Paul Ryan, a Republican Representative from Wisconsin.

I wasn't sure I was going to write about it, but the more I thought about this thing, the more that one thought was spinning around in my head. A thought I share with you now:

If the USCCB says your little budget plan is an immoral and anti-Catholic plan--- well this is a group known for protesting any woman, any where for using birth control-- and claiming said women are infringing on these precious little Bishop's feelings; a group that has supported the rapist, over the child being raped-- even though there's an adorable paper that demands they tell each other about the rape, and maybe, eventually get around to telling the cops [after the offender has moved to Rome, or something, though, can't let him be *gasp* arrested for his indiscretions!]; a group that is firmly on the side of Vatican City against America's nuns-- because those silly women were too busy feeding the poor and clothing the naked, to protest abortion and marriage equality!

If these men say your debt plan is immoral, then you know something has got to be wrong with it!

Let me say that again: The man on the GOP ticket for the position of the Vice-President has been called out by child-molesting, paedophile-protecting, nun-bashing, women-having control-of-their bodies-hating Catholic Bishops because his proposed budget plan is anti-Catholic, and immoral. This budget was rejected by the USCCB...

Sacrificing women and raped children is A-OK by the USCCB, but don't even think about putting forth a budget that guts fire-fighters and takes away Pell Grants, amongst other things, just to give the rich a tax cut. But Hey!! Ryan calls himself a good Catholic.

Oh, the hypocrisy is thick here. Pot, meet Kettle. Kettle, Pot.

And Romney wants you to vote for them, because they're--- I don't know at they are. A Mormon and a Catholic, both of whom are so immoral that I wouldn't urinate on them if they were on fire.

This ends the Ryan announcement coverage from RedHead Confetti.
Now back to your regularly scheduled Monday-- I hope it's glorious!



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