Warning letters?

Should I send my family members warning letters? I mean, my politics are soooooo far to the left of them, that they would probably have a heart attack if they knew I didn't vote Republican, let alone that I'm a Socialist.

Over the weekend, I got a Facebook message from my Grandmother. Funny enough, in a "yeah, I know what the hell's going on here" my cousin, who I haven't seen or spoken to in about 15 years "friended" me too. So I said yes to her. I'm waiting for that "unfriending".

"[E], please be my friend on FB. I love and miss you. Please comment to me.....Granny"

This is the woman who is a missionary to fair-goers; who doesn't understand the first thing about her religion except for "Only Indie, Fundie Baptists go to heaven"; this is the woman who called my Dad son, and yet abused him when her daughter lost her mind. This is the woman, who supported, and helped hide the affair my mother had before she left my Dad. This woman is about as crazy as her kid, lemme tell you.

Figuring she meant "email me back" when she typed "comment to me" I did. This is what I said:


I rarely friend family members on Facebook; when I do accept invitations I find myself un-friended post-haste. I use it primarily for political meet-ups, to keep up with several pro-woman groups I'm a member of, and to promote good earth practices. I promote awareness of climate change, solar energy and am whole-heartedly against big business and big banking cartels.

I am also quite certain that my political activities would offend you. The GOP does not speak for me; I am offended by their very existence and cannot understand how anyone would vote to keep angry, white, rich men in office-- unless the populace enjoys being taken advantage of in the name of such dog-whistle topics as "family values"-- considering the men trumpeting these values are often multi-divorced, adulterers who have cherry-picked their beliefs to fit a very narrow macho-Jesus interpretation of the religion they claim to venerate.

I am pro-equality, a loudly pro-choice woman, and a member of the Socialist Party, USA. I vote Democratic, and believe with my entire being that one person's religion is not something that can, or should, be in government. I am politically atheist, and actively work against religion in our government.

I traffic in facts, not re-constructionist history, even, and most especially the christian kind of reconstruction. Facts are not, and never have been, comforting. They're cold, hard and vicious, but I prefer them to living in a world of soft-opinion.

I believe that being LGBTQI is something we're born with, not something we choose; science also bears this out. I believe that to deny someone the right to marry the adult of their choosing is evil.

I love you dearly; I'm very certain that my facebook wall would offend you to the core, so I have not accepted the myriad invitations. I am caustic at times, although I do try not to be hateful or hurtful to those who wouldn't be able to handle such information.


She hasn't gotten back to me, because I probably gave her the vapours! But if she does, I'll share the answer. I don't expect one, however, because she swims, willingly, in the very shallow end of the intellect pool. Besides, we all know the only reason she wants to be my "friend" is so that she can keep an eye on me... 

I should send this to every family member who wants to friend me on FB. The reactions might be worth it!


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