Poetry time

I originally posted this on my old blog back on 15 August 2007. I remember reposting it the day after the assassination of Bhutto in December of 2007. Even though it's four years old now, this poem keeps resurfacing in my mind, over and over. Every time I hear about a woman being killed, or raped, I remember how lucky I am, that my only real problem is politically active men and their anti-contraception drivel. I can fight them, they won't shoot me. It's like a little reminder that I wrote myself. I share it here, and hope that you enjoy it, too.


I Don't Have to Worry Who Sees:

Out the back
& down the stairs,
I don't have to worry who sees me.

Bright red hair uncovered,
tank-top and jeans
I don't have to worry who sees me.

Smoking in public,
Driving myself
& I don't have to worry.

Voting, Speaking, Thinking Choosing,
writing, reading, working and living,
I don't have to worry, who sees me.

My sisters worry-- in far away places.
My brothers worry, in countries elsewhere.
But I don't have to worry who sees me.

It makes me no better,
and makes me no worse,
that I don't worry--

Unless I keep silent,
unless I ignore.
If I never cry out, for them in their silence
for Equality, freedom, justice...

If I let my sisters suffer, in veiled silence;
If I leave brothers jailed for dreams...
Then one day I too, must worry...
worry who sees me.
(c) 2007


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