I am so sorry... but words are hollow, aren't they?

Rather than the planned blog, I'm just going to share this photo and say that I am so sorry.

I know words don't mean shit.
I know I can't undo, fix, or make any of it better.
I know I am lucky, and I am thankful for that, every day.

I also know that I'm devastated and cry with the families in Newtown, Connecticut. If I could, I'd undo last Friday in an instant-- and I know I'm not alone.

I wish we didn't have these conversations. I wish this sort of thing was a plot line of a horror movie, or a best-selling thriller novel. the fact that school massacres happen in the US is unconscionable.

I know words fail.
I wish they healed instead.

I wish I had more words.
I'm just so, so sorry

Photo from the HRC you can see it at www.hrc.org


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