Passing on some resources on IFBs

This post is just, at its most basic, a hat tip to a gent by the name of John Shore.

Shore wrote a book that made me laugh my ass off when I bought it, I'm OK--you're not! About the lousy way Christians treat non-Christians. He was sensitive to our reactions when we're threatened with hell, he was understanding that there are lots of ways to God, and he is absolutely not a fundie.

So, when he posted a letter to IFB survivors on his blog, as well as some resources for people escaping that hate and abuse, I wanted to share it. He is a progressive christian, so his blog is religious in nature. I don't hold that against him, because he seems to be one of what I call "a real" christian: he cares about people, not whether you're doing what he thinks you should be doing. I also never got the feeling, reading his work, that he's trying to convert anyone.

Anyway, if you want more information on the craziness, or are in need of some good resources to help you deal with the residue, or you're just morbidly curious about those bastards, check him out!

The fundamentally toxic Christianity


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