Happy Birthday to my best friend, Matthew

Today my dearest friend celebrates his birthday. He'd be mortified if I made a big deal out of it, so I won't go on overly long.

Matt and I met while playing City of Heroes, a now, soon-to-be-defunct, holy crap it's closing!, MMORPG. We hit it off pretty famously, and have been quite close ever since. I joke he's my other, other half, because he's more like half of myself, or my twin, than just my friend; and I really do like it that way. [Besides, who wouldn't want to be part of a three-halfed person, sounds kinda cool, doesn't it? That's 150% of a person, instead of the standard 100%.]

Matt is a relatively quite, hermit-like gentleman, and so we don't have to talk/chat every day to keep close. I like that, because I tend to be like that, myself. He is rather introverted, and not flashy at all. You'd probably miss him in a crowd, because he doesn't draw attention to himself-- aside from his awesomely loud shirts!

This humble exterior hides a heart of gold, however, and a brain that is some times a little meandering and lost in the clouds, is sharp and logical. He laughs, all the time, at every thing, and is an unfailingly optimistic person.

Yes, I said optimist. Why? I have no idea, but he is one. I appreciate that, though, even while I give him shit about it, because he helps me not to be so down. I see the pessimistic-realistic side of things, that dark and cynical, gallows humour way of seeing the world; he sees that things usually do come out OK, and that if they don't, all is still not lost. I need that, and I think everyone else does, too! We need to be reminded that the shit hit the fan, but it'll pass-- Matt does that for me, in ways even he probably doesn't realise.

He reads web comics, about as many as I do (which is roughly a dozen a week). Although we joke about it, that we “don't have a problem” and “can stop any time we want to”, it's nice having someone who enjoys them, to discuss them with. We don't read the same ones, and don't have much overlap at all, but on the ones we do, we do talk about them if something amazing, or weird, or sad happens. I dig it, discussing those little stories as they play out, the different art styles, and different ways the stories are told-- it might be a little thing to some people, but to me, it's a big deal, sharing that common interest with my friend.

I know I can talk to him about anything-- and just about have. I can talk in confidence, knowing he'll listen, and if necessary give advice, and never repeat it. He listens with both his ears, something not everyone has the capacity to do-- something else that I am intensely grateful for.

Overall, I think Matt is an awesome gentleman. He is kind, polite and very sweet; he's smart, reads and thinks, and thinks things through. He's my best friend, and the kind of friend anyone should be honoured to have. I know I am.

Happy Birthday, my dear friend! I love you!


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