Resources about Hallowe'en lies/misconceptions

Here are a couple very good resources about the urban legends surrounding Hallowe'en. They're not propaganda, and so you won't get lurid tales of baby-eating and sex with Satan. You will get some good links, and a laugh at the silliness masquarading as truth that's often propagated by christian fundementalists this time of year.

It's often considered to be the new year for many neo-pagans; I myself celebrate it as a new year. It's the end of all harvest, and the beginning of the deep winter. The earth sleeps, and we wait for the sun to warm us once more.

When you're out, whether it's to a party, or Trick or Treating with your kids, please be careful. It's dark! I don't want anyone to get run over by a car. Don't listen to the scare-mongers and their "candy is all poison" or "witches will sacrficie your children". Just have fun!

Halloween Error and Lies: or what Fundamentalist Christians don't want you to know about Halloween, by the late, and much mourned Isaac Bonewits, an elder in the neo-Pagan community.

Halloween, from a Wiccan/Neopagan perspective; OCRT,

From me, to you, I wish you all safety as we venture into the darkest part of the year. I hope for bright blessings and love in this new year. I wish you love, adventure, learning and joy!


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