I support the right of first sale...

The letter I sent to Congress and the President, through Demand Progress, (an activist group dedicated to freedom of expression, and an actual open, free internet, rather than a corporate, sanitised one) : We, the undersigned, believe that we should truly own the things that we buy. When Americans purchase legitimate goods, they should be assured that the goods can be resold, given away, and used in any legal manner they see fit. The federal government should support and promote the ability of Americans to own and use these products, not just rent and license them. The government, and this administration, should support ownership rights for the following reasons: 1. Americans must have the right to buy a good, confident in the knowledge that they own it and may use it for any legal purpose. 2. Americans need to be free to buy and sell their legitimate goods in a robust and successful free market. 3. Goods manufactured overseas should not have more legal protection than American-made goods. These ownership rights are at issue in an upcoming case before the Supreme Court, Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. But that case is just one in a long line of events that have eroded Americans' rights in their personal property. We ask that the President express his support of ownership rights


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