Sorrow for the Aurora, Colorado shooting victims.

In Remembrance...

Friday morning, I woke up, expecting it to be a normal Friday. Instead I was confronted with news splashed across cyberspace and in real-time about a shooting in Colorado. I was full of sorrow for the victims, and their families. Those who were lost, and those who were wounded have my deepest, most heart-felt thoughts and sadness.

I know I can't undo it.
I know I can't bring anyone back, or heal anyone's hurt.
I know this, and yet I wish so badly that I could.

I know I'm not the only person who feels that way.

Because I can't, let me just hold my little light in the blog-osphere, and add my wishes for a quick recovery for those who were injured. My small condolences don't mean much to those who are in the middle of this mess-- but I am human, and I care, and I can't help but add them.

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