Congratulations Stanley Cup Champions!

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 Congratulations to the LA Kings on winning the single most beautiful peice of silver-ware in thew orld!

Readers, meet your new Stanley Cup Champions, the 2012 LA Kings.
USA Today,

As you know, I'm not a Kings fan, but I did enjoy the series very much. Some of the games were deadly boring, but last night, it was an absolute massacre! The Kings beat the Devils, 6-1!

As of today, the NHL is officially "off season".

This means, as of today, there's no hockey until about the middle of September when the pre-season games start. They're usually exhibition games, and I always like them for the AHL players who are brought up as a sort of audition. Watching the kids from the AHL play is awesome! They're excited, and awed, and I love it.

As of today, there's no official hockey until the first week of October.

That means, as of today, the Pittsburgh Penguins are undefeated!

Go Pens!


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