Meet the new Pope, same as the old Pope

Trigger Warning:
Yes, this is another post about the Roman Catholic Church. No, I don't intend to link shit; it's my opinion, and I can rant about the monolithic, gold-plated charlatans if I want to do so. However, if you don't want to deal with my profanity, anger and annoyance, then skip this one. I figure it's the least I can do, warn you...

I know, I've been lax about writing. I'm mentally preparing the explanation, and you'll get it here soon. Mostly the TL:DR version is: shit has been crazy busy and I haven't had time. This doesn't mean I Haven't been keeping up on current events, however, or that I don't know what the fuck is happening "out there". Oh, I know... and I don't like it. But, what can ya do, right?

Seems that the last Pope, Ratzinger, Benedict the 16th, decided to retire. This is not really unprecedented, but it's surprising as hell. I mean, this is God's Voice On Earth, right? When does God's Voice get to say, "Naw, Dude, I know I'm supposed to claim that you can make it possible for me to like, move mountains and shit, but I'm fucking tired, so I quit!"

Evidently though, Ratzinger gets to say that, and so he retired. He'll spend the rest of his natural life in "prayer and contemplation" which is RCC speak for "eating and drinking and generally partying down in luxury and being protected from prosecution for aiding and abetting child rape, and having fun while the people in Africa and South America who loved him so much starve and live in poverty that I can't even imagine".

Will he ever be punished for helping hide priests who abused, raped and molested children?

All together now: Not a fucking chance!

See, he's the Pope Emeritus, this means he's God's Ex-voice, and therefore can't be touched. The Italians wouldn't stand for it, and being that Vatican City is its own thing, they'd never turn him over.

I would love it, though, if the Hague was brave enough to file chargers. Then he could never leave! Never; at least now without the possibility of someone arresting his old ass and shipping him off to the World Court. Wouldn't that be fabulous! I would enjoy a photo of him in an orange jumpsuit and manacles. Although that wouldn't even begin to help those who have been raped and maimed by that institution heal... it might be a little start, maybe a little salve on that pain.

So, anyway, Pope quits, and that paves the way for a new Pope. And wouldn't you know it, for the next few days the world is Wall-To-Fucking-Wall coverage of the conclave. Because don't you know, the entire damned world is Catholic, and this is Important!!!

Even though, it really isn't.

I got really irritated with the constant refrain of "What colour is the smoke!? Who will the new pope be?!" It was as though we were waiting for a new god to be born, and everyone had to stop and pay attention. Honestly, this isn't that big of a deal, it's a dude in a pretty white dress and little red shoes with a fries-holder hat that pretends to have a direct line to a god who doesn't exist. If some guy on the street claims to hear directly from god we call him crazy-- but if he's living in Vatican City and dresses like an aging Drag Queen, we have to listen to him?! What the fuck is that all about?

Anyway, we got a new Pope. A New and Improved Voice of God! Some Argentinian calling himself Francis I...I'll wait whilst you swoon with godly adoration.

OK, so new Pope. New Voice. This one will surely step up and start taking care of business, right? I mean, surely this guy, who is only 76, so he's much younger and hipper than the old Pope-- who was like 85! So he's bound to he more in tune with the Catholics in the pews, and know how to heal all the hurts, right?

Not so fast... he actually hates gay people so much, that he went on the record saying that if LGBT persons adopted kids, it'd be child abuse. He also says we should not get married, and no one can use birth control-- because you know, RCC "truth" says it's bad, mmmkay?

He was accused in the late 70's of being involved in a kidnapping a couple Jesuit priests-- of which he is one. Now, in all fairness, Amnesty International supposedly investigated and found the charges to be false. I can't find anything definitive either way and given the political climate of the late 1970's, I'm going to keep an open mind, and look at this situation with a 50-50 face: either he did, or he didn't, the very fact that he was accused is rather telling.

Do I think anything will change?
Not on your life.

Will Francis I be a decent healer, and go forward helping?
Nope, that would mean rocking the boat. Let's just pretend he's just a normal guy, just a normal, boring dude, and we can be happy he's the Pope now-- it's easier than asking the tough questions, easier than making the hard choices.

See, the RCC is too entrenched, shit's just too concrete, too solid to enact the changes that need to be changed. Kids will continue to be sacrificed, women will be treated as second-class citizens, our bodies will collectively belong to these men, in their own minds. This is how the Catholic church works, how it has always worked, and how it will always work...

They're so big, so huge, so rich and so out of touch, that shit will never change.
If they were to change, to grow, evolve and actually help the very people they claim to minister to, they would have to dismantle their entire corporation.

That won't happen as long as men and women continue to worship in the churches. It will never happen as long as they give their money in the basket. As long as they sing, as cantors; as long as they act as lay-leaders and give homily. It will never fucking happen, because the hierarchy will know that change isn't necessary as long as  you're threatening their eternal souls.

There are a lot of good people who are Catholic, you say... sure, and they're complicit in the rape and pillaging of the world, as long as they stay in pew. Rather than saying, "Enough is enough!" they're content to say, "Oh, well, our priest isn't like that."

Let me say that again:  If you are catholic, and you didn't resigned your membership as soon as you first heard about the rapes of children, and the cover ups, you are complicit! You helped rape those kids! You are still raping them as long as you give money, time and your ass in the pew. You are a rapist! Right along with all those bishops...

How's that feel? Pretty good, huh? Nice and cozy on your eternal soul? I hope it hurts like a motherfucker. I hope I pissed you right off. I hope that the idea percolates, rolls around, and that you can't get it out of your head. I hope you suffer, and hurt and want that pain to end so you get off your ass and do something brave and selfless: get out of the church, and stop giving them money!

Send that cash to Amnesty International, to the Red Cross/Crescent, MSF/Doctors without Borders. Somewhere else, where it will help.

Be brave!
Be courageous!
Be willing to change, and stand up for those who can't stand for themselves: protect children, and leave the church.

No, you can't fix it from within, the church hierarchy doesn't give a flying fuck about you as long as you give them their cash. They will keep talking out their asses, and claiming that they speak for god, and if you want to go to heaven, you'll listen to them... this means everyone listen, even those of us who are not now, nor ever have been a member of their cult.

Personally I'm so fucking sick of the church I could scream. I don't respect your church; I don't respect your belief. I dont' respect your ideals, your thoughts, your god or your book, or your cunting pope.

I think it's a load of gold-covered shit.

No, I know it's a load of gold-covered shit. I know it's a shield for an all-you-can-rape buffet of helpless children, and their deluded parents.

The day catholics, in the pews and the hierarchy, respect my lack of belief-- and stop trying to throat fuck me with their dogma is the day I am slightly more respectful of theirs. The day you all stand up en masse and demand the priests, bishops and cardinals-- even the fucking Pope-- pay for their complicity and protection of child rapists-- and the rapists themselves go to prison, then I'll stand with you. The day you're brave enough to walk away from that building, to stop giving them money, to demand that they liquidate their trillions and actually feed the fucking poor, then I'll nod, and support you, telling you that you did good.

Until then, fuck you. Fuck your Pope. Fuck your hierarchy. Fuck everything you hold dear, and fuck all the cunting news coverage centred on this pope-election. You're not relevant any more; you're medievalists and need to grow the fuck up! Grow up, join the 21st Century... demand progress... or piss off.


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