Christian Hypocrisy, part two, an example

Trigger Warning: More ranting about christians and their requisite hypocrisy. I ranted a little, got a little annoyed, and demanded information... which I didn't get. I have this thing about hypocrisy... rarely will anything piss me off faster, so I decided to rant and rave. I do that. As per usual, if profanity, calling out christians and generally being demanding and calling people to account offends you-- well, honestly you'd be better off finding another blog to follow, probably.

First, the background, and then I'll discuss it. I end up in these kinds of conversations all the time. Yes, some times I'm a little shit about it, and some times I  am nicer. In this case I was nicer and didn't get smarty-pants pissy until this morning (Monday, April 30).

A woman I went to high school with friended me on Facebook a couple years ago. She was awesome back in high school; however since then (and yes, in all fairness it's been almost 20 years) she married a man from the south, got Jesus and got fundamental.

The smart, intelligent 18 year old I knew turned into a fearful, angry, cruel woman who calls herself a christian. She fits right in in South Carolina, based on every experience I've had in that state. It's beautiful, but the people are... narrow minded judgemental jesus-freaks.

This past weekend she posted a photo. I refuse to report the pic, but it's one of those photos of phrases that are hideously common in right wing circles.

"Shouldn't you have to pass a urine test, to collect a welfare check?
...since I have to pass one to earn it for you?"

Yes, that's it, punctuation errors and all. It looks like someone used Paint to make a sign, and then photographed it, the "paper" part is even curling. All I could think was "Teabagger Signs R Us did that!"
So, I started what I knew would be like "putting my finger in a hornet's nest" (that's how I put it to my husband). Here is the exact exchange. All I did was change the name of the other people to their first initial; any misspelling, lack of punctuation or grammatical errors were left as is.

Those laws are unconstitutional. They are against the 4th Amendment. That would be the right to protection against unlawful searches-- the one requiring a warrant for collection of evidence. If you support these sorts of laws, what other laws would you support? What rights, guaranteed in the Constitution would you give up, especially as you're willing to force others to give up their rights.

[A woman named Rita deleted her comment in support of forced urinalyses saying something along the lines of "If they want my money they can totally piss in a cup! Because I have to be clean in order to work! What do you care anyway, you can just sit home and spend your money!" I don't know why, she deleted it, though. She did this after I asked her the next question.]

Then I ask you, too, Rita. What rights would You give up? And if you're not willing to give up your own rights, then why should you call for the rights of others to be stripped?

If you dont do things that make you fail a urine test you wouldnt have a problem its just something that happens on a daily basis people using welfare and other government money to get drugs.

Your Constitutional rights are protected from intrusion by the government. You don't have that protection from your employer. Ergo, claiming that someone on medication who is on cash assistance is some how eeee-vile because they can't pass a urinalysis, but you don't have that problem is short-sighted and mean. I thought Christians were supposed to love their neighbour? As for my "cheque from the government" I don't get one, thanks for asking. I'm not about to stand aside and allow others to lose their rights because of closed-minded people terrified of The Others Out There! It's ridiculous of you to equate your job and the government. Read that Constitution you claim to love so much.

Im just saying alot of people do use their money from the government for drugs and this world that we live in what rights do we actually have anyways think about that. We might have the constitution but who actually follows it. they say right to bear arms then they take our guns away. I am a christian and I do love my neighbor but the ones abusing the system needs to stop. As for the urine screens if they have doctor orders then thats good but half of them dont,\ [sic]

Please, listen to what you wrote: Some people. Then you claim to love your neighbour... Your Jesus said Love your Neighbour and Judge Not!. Period. Not if you decide you're OK with what they do, or if you like them. Or even if you know them.... I'm so tired of people claiming the label of christian. Stop talking, and get out there and feed the poor; clothe the naked, protect the week. Then tell me "I am a christian". No real christian would ever say, "I love you, but piss in this cup because I don't trust you to use the money you get for foodstamps to feed your children." That's insulting.

I agree it is insulting but they are going to do whatever they want to do

Jesus also said I help them that best help themselves!!!! [this is the woman who posted the offensive photo in the first place]

M., where did Jesus say that? What chapter and verse please? John 21:17 says, "Feed my sheep". Matthew 25:35 says "When I was hungry, you gave me food." Luke 16:13 says "You can't serve God and money"-- which throws out your "god helps... those who help themselves" huh? Proverbs 19:17: Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord. Proverbs 22:9: Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shared his bread with the poor. James 1:27: religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction..." Galatians 2:10: Only, they asked us to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do.

Need I go on? I'm not even the christian here. I'm the heathen, calling you out on your hypocrisy and lack of that whole "Living like Jesus thing". I can get more of your book, to show you where you're wrong to cast out the poor, if you need...

Everyone has an opinion and not everyone agrees w yours so why don't you give it up and move on ? I mean damn, enough is enough! We all heard you don't agree.......

I will probably have to bite the proverbial bullet and "de-friend" her. Much as I used to like her, I have to admit, I can't stand her most of the time any longer. I read and re-read this exchange and every time I read it I come away with the same thing:

I asked questions, showed my evidence-- even busted out their own book, and all I got was hysterical ranting and "Just shut up already, we know you don't agree!" I'm sure the pearls were clutched and the wrists were dramatically laid across their brows. I'm also sure their texts lit up with murmurs of persecution.

I learned a long time ago, that if you ask  a christian a question you'd better have a bible verse or six, to agree with your point of view. This includes the time I asked about slavery [as in "why did it take them so long to agree it was bad! Owning people is bad!"] So, this morning, half awake, I Googled "What does the Bible say about: feeding the hungry/clothing the naked/caring for the poor?" I could have done it the long way, but my bible, all annotated and broken in by years of "What does this book really say, anyway?" is packed away. It was easier to use the Internet, I admit it.

I always ask for them to share their chapter and verse; I honestly want to know where they get their opinions. Of course their Jesus never fucking said, "I will help those, who help themselves." That's not even in the Bible; I didn't say anything to her, but Benjamin Franklin fucking said that. Not Jesus. I wanted to, oh, I wanted to, but I thought that was a little shitty of me... especially as I would have lost it and said: "Oh, so Ben Franklin's Jesus now?! He's the one who said 'God helps those...' Jesus never said that shit."

Yeah, some times I do know how to shut my mouth, or say something else instead.

Why do christians say that! I honestly want to know how they can claim a Jesus who was poor, homeless, probably gay and gave everything he had to other people while preaching a radical peace. How can they claim that guy when they worship a book full of murderous rampages; when they worship the military industrial complex and 'Support Our Troops' to death; when they scream about the death penalty and how much such-and-such a person should fry. When they laugh at hungry children, and forget about the poor... how can they really claim to be christians. When they say, "I'm a christian but..."

I thought adding the "but" meant you negated the first part. You know, "I"m not a racist but..." or "I'm not against gay marriage but..." Doesn't that do the same thing with "I'm a christian, but..."

If not grammatically, it sure as hell does morally. That but means they're free to say anything they wish about "the Other". The persons they other-ise are less, removed somewhat from the human race, made lower, worthless. That's what that "but" says to me. "I'm a christian, but you're less than me." "Jesus said love my neighbour, but I don't like that bit... so you're not my neighbour."

That's what it comes down to, isn't it? People are afraid of what they don't see in the mirror, or at church. People are afraid they'll end up poor, and less than, and marginalised, so better make sure they push "Those Other People" down more! Can't have them making themselves a life, otherwise it might take away from me!!!

It's pathetic. Fucking pathetic.

Seriously, yes, I know I Was a little shit about putting up their bible verses to refute their words. I know it's annoying, and irritating, and generally falls into the "Oh my Fucking Gods! You know it all little fuck!"

I did it anyway.

I get so tired of their "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. All you people are out of luck, though, so go die!" That I have to, on occasion, say something. No christian who screams about those poor people on welfare doing drugs, or those people who are "illegals!", no christian who thinks of others as less than will listen to any fact I present. It's a fight twisted bible verses with bible verses.

And it's fucking pathetic.

I'm an educated woman. Most of my friends are too. I mean, it's one of those things that happens, right? You learn as you go through life, and even if you don't go to university, you're pretty educated as to how shit works. I should not have to open an book that was pieced together through politicking and backstabbing and fucking voting, in order to make my case.

The mere fact that forcing someone to take a urinalysis before getting TANF or cash assistance, or child support (yes, technically in some states child support is administered by the "welfare people") is against the law. The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Not the fucking bible. Not any one's holy book. The Constitution.

States like Florida who have creamed all over themselves to force people to piss in a cup are being sued over this. Because it's fucking illegal.

Why is that so goddamned hard?

The second these self-righteous christians think you're taking something from them they cry persecution. But perish the thought that they'd stand up for anyone else. They make the Puritans proud.

The fuckers.


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